Finding a Lawyer with Lenny Alanis of Pittari Ltd.

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You have finally decided to take the plunge and get incorporated in Japan. Congratulations and I acknowledge your progress! One such individual who did make that plunge is today’s guest, Mr. Lenny Alanis, founder and CEO of Pittari Ltd. Lenny walks us through his experience in finding a lawyer in Kansai to set-up his VR software development company.

“First things first, why do you need a lawyer?” Lenny reflects on this question to himself and answers, “There is only so much you can do after asking Google sensei.” You can do all the paperwork alone, but it is less of a hassle when you delegate this task to a specialist. Even if you do have a high command of Japanese, dealing with the technical information and jargon can still be frustrating and time consuming.

 What are the pros and cons of incorporating?
 What are the benefits are there for you to delegate your weaknesses to other specialists?
 Who do you know anyone who has gone through this process and share their experience with you?

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After making up his mind to use a lawyer, Lenny needed to find one and he did at Osaka’s Business Innovation Center (大阪産業創造館 Japanese only) which provide free services that support small and medium enterprises (SME) in Osaka. There are several types of lawyers that provide particular services. To set a business you need a judicial scrivener (司法書士) who will handle all the paperwork. Lenny was looking for and was able to meet an English speaking judicial scrivener with previous experience supporting ex-pats at the Business Innovation Center.

Once the business relationship was established, the whole process of setting-up Lenny’s company took around 2 to 3 weeks with 3 to 4 hourly meetings to handle and submit all the appropriate paperwork such as valid passports, visas, and financial statements.

After the initial process, Lenny still consults his lawyer for doing due diligence such as reviewing contract details and searching for articles of establishment of client companies.

 What paperwork do you need to update and provide?
 After the honeymoon period, what kind of relationship will you have with your lawyer?
 What other services would you need to a lawyer for in the future?

VR with Lenny Alanis

Things to Consider
 Time and financial investments do you need to make.
 Your confidence with dealing with specialist such as lawyers in Japanese.
 The kind of on-going relationship with your lawyer of the initial set-up phase.

I would like to thank Lenny Alanis of Pittari Ltd for his time and sharing his experiences with us. For more information about Pittari Ltd, please check out the links.

Thank you for joining us on Kansai Business Break and we look forward to connecting with you again during our next segment.